Welcome to! constitutes the more complete independent platform for weather forecasting in Greece.

The presented forecast data are produced by us from the scratch. We do not copy, neither reproduce forecasts from other carriers and web portals.

Our goal is the production and distribution of timely and reliable weather forecasts to all, by all prosperous means, for every corner of Greece, 24-hours a day.


The reliability of our data is our major principal. This is why we are strongly committed towards this.

  • We produce our forecasts with the latest and most informed and reliable weather forecasting models.
  • We constantly adjust the parameters of our models for every corner in Greece.
  • We measure the performance. We have developed and apply a standard methodology for the comparison of the forecasted data towards the actual observed values. We are always a step ahead, constantly testing and evaluating novel prediction methods.
  • We inform you. Being strongly confident of our work and of the constant improvement of our models reliability, we collect and timely present the statistics of the convergence of our forecasts towards the observed values.

This way, you know what to expect!

The team:

All members of the team, meteorologists and software engineers, have been cooperating consistently for several years, with our primary and major objective being the production and distribution of weather forecasts of the highest degree of reliability and utilization.


Your recognition to our work is our reward.

If you have any questions or remarks please contact as at