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The weather forecasts presented in this site are being produced utilising the latest, highly appreciated and evaluated scientific methodologies.

However, in spite of the constant development in the era of meteorology and weather forecasting, predictions always comprise uncertainty errors, leading to declinations of the actual observed values. The visitor must always take under consideration the probability of false prediction.

  • The visitor of the current site accepts in advance, that any use of the information presented is under his own and only responsibility. The k24.net group does not guarantee that the presented information is always correct.
  • The current disclaimer applies to any damage that may be caused by any error in the content the lack of information of any kind, as well as the latency or the interruption of information delivery.
  • In any case, neither the k24.net group, nor any person invoked in information delivery and dissemination to and from this node is responsible for any direct or indirect damage or losses of any kind that may rise by the use of the node. The user accepts that this disclaimer holds for all information and services provided.
  • The content and the services of this node constitute primitive prototype material, and is property of the k24.net group, which holds the exclusive copyrights.
  • The content and the services provided are being delivered free of charge for personal and commercial use under the following limitations:
    • Free reproduction andretransmission of the information delivered via this node in all prosperous formats (text, hyperlink, image, sound, video, etc.) is allowed. Simple proven electronic or hardcopy authorisation is adequate for this, with the only obligation in all cases being the reference to the primitive source, i.e. the current node www.k24.net
    • The commitment of the reference to the primitive source holds recursively and subsequently and applies to any direct or indirect receiver, reproductor or retransmitter of any provided content and service.
    • No other restriction holds for the receiver, reproductor or retransmitter, besides the reference to the primitive source.
    • More specifically, for the case of retransmitting any part of the information via other, third party web sites, the administrators of those should include in an apparent place of their sites the link and reference to the primitive site www.k24.net. Retransmission or reproduction of the content delivered via plain text or sound file has to be carried out "as is", exactly in the way it is produced by the automated software machines of this node and in all cases should contain the statement "The weather forecast is brought to you by www.k24.net". The reproduction of the forecast via video has to project in an apparent place and throughout the whole duration of the video the statment: "Delivered via www.k24.net".
    For the delivery of personalised servises, the provision of personal data or information may be neccessary. In the case of personal data provision , these will be kept in strict confidence and shall be used exclussively by the k24.net and only for delivering the desired functionality.

External Links

Automatically updated links and link-lists to external data sources (images, video, sound, text, measurements, webcams, observations, etc.) may be presented in k24.net. k24.net bears no responsibility on the accuracy and the content of the link images, the validity and the correctness of the links and the content of the sites they link to. The links are solely and exclusively grouped references to sources and does not constitute primitive content of k24.net.

The link images, the links and the content of the sites they link to are not property of the k24.net. Their sight, observation and usage is carried out under the end-user exclusive and full responsibility. Potential reference on them from any third-party is being carried out under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

The sites the links link to, as well as the links themselves, may lay under limitations and special access and usage rules. k24.net from the start acknowledges and totally respects such rules and poses every possible effort to their conformance. However due to the large data volume and the frequency these are being added, deleted, altered and updated, certain source or content constrains may become under-recognised and thus miss-treated for short periods of time. k24.net users are kindly requested to immediately report any potential violation, in order to safeguard the quality of the links and the total respect to the rules of the sources.